Pakoštane is a locality on an isthmus between Lake Vrana and the sea, between two bodies of water. It is between fresh water and salt water. However, water did not determine the life of the inhabitants here; rather it was shaped by the old provider – the land. The land and agriculture, the keepers of ancient divinities have outlived all the historical eras and have remained the essence of this locality to the present day.

Directly in front of the locality there are three small islands, like runaway children from a big parent – the mainland. Each with its own baggage. The islet of St. Justin has a small church adorning it. The islet Veliki Školj bears a large cross, while Babluljaš carries a small forest on its shoulders. The local inhabitants call them FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, the three daughters of the Christian spirit.

It’s difficult to describe this region in a few words because there are few places in the world where such a small area of land is so criss-crossed with such diversity. Surrounded by National parks, Nature reserves and Protected natural entities, this region is a blessing for subtle tourist explorers of divine landscapes.

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